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Discover Student Space - our revolutionary platform created specifically for students like you who want to gain excellent English language skills.

Student space Everything you need to learn

Sit back, prepare your laptop or tablet, join Student Space and discover a new dimension of English learning. Forget about traditional methods of learning! With Student Space you have direct access to all the necessary tools that will make your English adventure not only effective, but also enjoyable.


Make an appointment with a teacher

Choose a class date that fits your schedule.


Learn about your course plan

Check out the curriculum tailored to your level.


Prepare for the lesson

Do exercises that provide an introduction to the topic discussed in the lesson.


Review lesson materials

Open the interactive presentation on which the teacher works during the class.


Do your homework

Do some short exercises to consolidate the material from the lesson.


Stay in touch with your teacher

Conversation with your teacher is open 24/7.


Translate words, emails, short texts

Instant translation without leaving the platform.


Look up definitions of new vocabulary words

Learn the vocabulary along with the definition to understand the translation even better.

Student Space Comfort and freedom while learning

We pay special attention to your individual needs and requirements.

Discover a teacher to match your expectations!

Aren't you fascinated by the thought of learning from a teacher in London or New York who will immerse you in authentic slang English?

Whatever your preference, Student Space provides you with access to diverse and experienced teachers to bring your English learning to life.


Certified teachers

More than 1,000 certified teachers from around the world


Meet our teachers

Access to teachers' profiles and their calendar


Experts in teaching

Teachers with experience and passion


Possibility to change the teacher

Booking classes directly from the platform

Arrange and cancel lessons - with one click

With Student Space, arranging lessons becomes quick and hassle-free, giving you full control over your study time.

No matter the time of day, you can enjoy flexible lesson options that fit your lifestyle.


Simple lesson arrangement

Click Make a lesson appointment to see a calendar with your teacher's available dates.


Lessons according to your plan

Study when you want - adapt the course to your schedule.


Learn anytime

We provide lessons 24/7!


Hassle-free cancellation of classes

Up to 24 hours before scheduled activities.

Student Space Need extra help? Take advantage of learning tools!

Focus on learning without interruption! You have all the tools you need at your fingertips, without having to leave the platform. Our advanced system based on artificial intelligence provides you with immediate assistance.

Ask AI

This is an innovative tool that will support you in your learning process. What specifically can it help you with? You can ask new words from any field and generate exercises to consolidate them.

You also have the opportunity to ask about grammatical structures, tenses constructions and other issues. You will develop communication skills - talking to the chat as if you were a teacher.

You can also ask for tips on correct pronunciation and check the accuracy of the text you have written.

Ask AI
Need extra help? Take advantage of learning tools! - Ask AI


Discover unparalleled translation quality with our innovative Translator, developed in partnership with the renowned DeepL. Our advanced AI technology offers translations that sound natural and almost human-like.

Need extra help? Take advantage of learning tools! - Translator


Give your spelling a professional finish with our advanced grammar checker tool, developed in collaboration with the renowned Grammarly. It's a great way to improve your grammar because you have the ability to see the specific mistakes you're making and correct them.

Need extra help? Take advantage of learning tools! - Equalizer


Expand your vocabulary at lightning speed with our Advanced English Dictionary, created in collaboration with the renowned Oxford University Press.

This is an invaluable tool that will accelerate your deeper understanding of new words, without the need to interrupt the learning process. You'll also find synonyms for vocabulary words, opening up endless possibilities in your use of English.

Need extra help? Take advantage of learning tools! - Dictionary

Student Space The most important tools in one place

Stay in touch with your teacher - even outside of lessons

The "Messages" tab allows you to easily contact your teacher at any time. There you will be able to ask questions, receive answers and share your comments.


Communication with the teacher

Convenient communication with your teacher at your fingertips


Support in the learning process

Stay in touch with your teacher if you need support between classes


Full conversation history

Recorded conversation history and lesson chats with important materials attached

Get a course plan tailored to your level

In the 'Course Plan' tab you will find a list of lessons tailored to your level, along with the necessary study materials.

Let your language development become our goal, and access to perfectly matched resources and lessons will provide you with a dynamic path to English mastery.



Prepare for class



Review lesson materials



Do some exercises to consolidate the material

Control your attendance

The 'My Lessons' tab is the central place where you can find a calendar of your classes and monitor your attendance.


Manage your lessons

Full view of previous and scheduled lessons


Summary of activities

Easily check attendance for the following months of study


History of your learning

You have the opportunity to compare your activity

Fluentbe Classroom Join the lessons!

One click away from meeting your teacher at Fluentbe Classroom!
What will you see when you join the class?
In the central part of the screen will appear wonderful interactive materials that will become your tool for working together with an experienced teacher. In addition, you will have constant access to innovative learning support aids and chat with your teacher.

Live meeting with a teacher

A lesson in the form of a video interview with an experienced teacher.


Interactive materials

Exercises, tips, summaries to support the learning process.


Vocabulary according to the course plan

List of vocabulary words discussed in the lesson with translation and explanation.


Learning support

Chat with the teacher and translator, dictionary, translator at your fingertips.

Fluentbe Presentations Exceptional lessons with passion and expert knowledge

The lessons included in the courses were developed by an experienced methodological team. With Fluentbe Presentations, learning is fun and effective.

Experienced experts

The lessons have been prepared by a methodology team consisting of female academics training future teachers, experienced methodologists and practitioners: lectors and Fluentbe teachers


Carefully prepared curriculum

The distribution of material is in accordance with the CEFR, the international standard for describing language skills. It is also based on the principles of andragogy: the activities relate to the student's experience and knowledge of the world, are to apply in practice.


Lessons planned with precision

Each lesson includes new structures, vocabulary and language functions. Lesson topics are contemporary and up-to-date, engaging adults in conversation. We make it easy to remember and understand new material with brain-friendly exercises.


Optimum use of lesson time

With the "Pre-Lesson" feature, students learn about the topic at home by doing interactive exercises, and we use the lesson to hone their skills. During the lesson, there is time for interaction and time for focused work. The types of tasks change, preventing boredom


Appropriate classroom dynamics

Tasks during lessons engage students in interaction with the teacher and each other - we maximize speaking and conversation time. Some of the tasks are also interactive exercises done in focus - thanks to the interactive form, students do not wait for their turn, they perform all the examples from the task, so they can test themselves in each of them.

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