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Sheneca - lektor angielskiego

Sheneca - lektor angielskiego

A trained Teacher with extensive experience in education and other fields (Business/Tourism\ Test Prep)

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  • Dzieci (do 7)
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  • Studenci (15-20)
  • Dorośli (21+)
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O sobie

"The capacity to learn is a gift. The ability to learn is a skill. The willingness to learn is a choice ". ( Brian Hebert). 

Let me gift you the opportunity to grow and excel  through a shared language despite your limitations.  
Your GIFT is your CHOICE... 

WHY CHOOSE ME? Well, the reasons are endless but in sum, I have 11  years of extensive experience teaching English online and in the classroom. I have worked with a variety of learners of different levels and abilities. I  believe there is potential in each learner, young or old , ready to be unraveled with the right Tutor and support. Age or level is not a factor, i value the opportunity to contribute to your success in mastering English.  
What are you waiting for? 
What are your weaknesses? Let me help you maximize your potentials, so you can "SHINE BRIGHT LIKE A DIAMOND". 

I can help you  improve your English for conversational purposes,  IELTS Exam , writing or editing academic papers or to meeting the demands of English in your job ??What are you waiting for?UNLOCK your potentials TODAY!! 

COME BE APART OF A SESSION ..where...mistakes are honored, learning is celebrated and feedback is given. The sky is the limit in learning a language , LET ME TAKE YOU THERE...!!!

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