Fluentbe Method

The Fluentbe Method was developed by a team of experienced specialists led by Daria Domagała, Fluentbe Methodical Director. Learning by using traditional, but often also based on novelty technological methods, many people are unable to jump to a higher language level for years. They change schools, change learning techniques, and still stand still.

Fluentbe methodologists have not been looking for a wonderful method that will allow you to speak after two weeks or a month. They decided to create an effective method, the use of which for one semester (about 4 months) allows you to jump at least one level higher and increase linguistic confidence.


Learning English with Fluentbe Method is based on total immersion, i.e. immersion in language. Thanks to it, new language skills are acquired very quickly through close-to-natural interactions. At Fluentbe, we offer classes in groups of 2-4 people. This will help you break the language barrier, develop your understanding skills and communication strategies necessary to communicate in English outside of class. In a small group you have many opportunities to put the language into practice.

The Fluentbe method is a combination of the best in language teaching in ordinary language schools with modern technology. You meet with the teacher live, at home, at work or in another place where you have access to the Internet.

How do we teach english?

At Fluentbe, we teach communication, not rules. In class, we place emphasis on developing communication competence, i.e. effective communication in various situations. Our method of proceeding in the process of gradual and methodical expansion of vocabulary and rule exercises in practice. You learn new vocabulary and grammar structures to express your opinion, equipment or to receive information. Classes are presented in an engaging way, and the teacher moderates the discussion, ensures equal participation, and offers new vocabulary. Learning at Fluentbe not only ensures faster progress, but also gives you the satisfaction and pleasure of inspiring online meetings.

Speaking by Fluentbe Method

At Fluentbe, we know that acquiring speaking skills is the most important thing in the entire learning process. Thanks to that our students overcome barriers and gain confidence. Learning English is not rules memorized, but the communication and fluency in communication. The Fluentbe method focuses on these most important elements.

Listening by Fluentbe Method

What would be the ability to speak without listening comprehension? It's necessary to conduct conversations, that's why at Fluentbe we put special emphasis on it. Natural learning to listen is done during conversation between the teacher and students during exercises.

Fluentbe Method - reading

Even though the most important element of learning at Fluentbe is talking and listening (necessary for communication) we also teach how to read at our courses. Although we read at our own pace, but if we do not understand the meaning - we have no way to ask the interlocutor and hear the sentences with other words. This is why it is so important to read text with understanding. When reading aloud, we also learn the correct pronunciation of words and read intonation.

Grammar in Fluentbe classes

Grammar issues are a real bane in learning English for many students. At Fluentbe, we understand how valuable grammar knowledge is. We also know how difficult it is to learn all the rules in the form of dry rules, which is why in our classes grammar appears in the form of practical exercises. Thanks to this, you can learn grammar rules through practical application in real situations.

Fluentbe Method - for whom?

First of all, Fluentbe Method is not complicated. Everyone who has a computer or laptop and have basic computer skills can participate in our online English lessons.

There are two groups for which online learning can be particularly valuable. The first is parents. You care about your time and don't like to waste it. English classes without commuting are a great solution for mom or dad, which will allow maximum use of time with their children. The next group is frequent travelers, usually business travelers. More and more international companies are appearing on the market. These sometimes require mobility of their employees, even around the world. Such people can spend half their time away from home. How to learn English in such conditions? Of course via the internet! Regardless of where the delegation is taking place - all you need is a hotel room or cafe, internet access and you can study!

What are the advantages of the Fluentbe Method?

Learning online is above all a long list of advantages. High-quality learning combined with convenience and unlimited possibilities - this is the recipe for success. The biggest advantages of the Fluentbe method are:

  • emphasis on speaking and practical communication skills
  • small groups of 2-4 people
  • maximum use of time in class for interactions
  • systematized learning with real assumptions for each level
  • the best teachers from around the world
  • interesting meetings that motivate you to actively participate in the lesson
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Fluentbe Method - teachers

Lectors are one of the greatest values ​​at Fluentbe. They make that learning is at the best level , and that students make the most of class time and quickly absorb a new offer. Teachers can connect with students from places all over the world. Thanks to this, as a language school, we work with the best. We are not limited by distances and territorial barriers. Professional and experienced teachers teach at Fluentbe. There are teachers from Poland and abroad and also English native speakers. The teachers are verified in terms of qualifications, teaching abillities as well as charisma and the ability to get interested in the subject. Each lesson is a shot of knowledge and motivation. The teachers moderate the meetings in such a way that each student actively participates in the conversations and gets the most out of the lesson. Meet Fluentbe teachers

Fluentbe method - learning materials

The teaching materials were designed specifically for online learning. Working with them, Fluentbe teachers on the one hand implement a carefully prepared curriculum, and on the other have the opportunity to shape classes so that they meet the needs and cognitive predispositions of students. Materials include repetition sessions, summaries of specific lessons, and homework. They support the learning process, allow the consolidation of knowledge acquired in class. and are fully accessible via the internet. It is a practical and convenient solution - you can look at it anytime and always have them "on hand".

English levels according to the Fluentbe Method

A classification of language levels is adopted in Europe. It was created by CEFR ( Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​) and assumes which skills a student should possess at a given level. The Fluentbe method provides a slightly more accurate scale that allows careful matching of students in a group and selection of appropriate materials. Below is the CEFR language proficiency table comparing to Fluentbe courses.


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