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Online English course Experience what learning with Fluentbe is like

Our flexible offerings include language courses tailored to students' individual goals and needs to achieve their linguistic goals.


Teaching in line with your goal

We offer a variety of language courses that are tailored to each client's individual needs and preferences.

We create a personalized Course Plan that takes into account each person's goals, skills and pace of learning, ensuring effective and efficient results.

Course taught by qualified teachers

Our experienced teachers will teach according to your goal, whether it's learning a business language, preparing for an exam, or raising your overall language proficiency.

We work with the best native speakers from around the world who have a deep knowledge of the language and the culture of their country. This gives students the opportunity to practice the language in an authentic context.

Flexibility and diversity

Our language courses offer a flexible schedule that can be adapted to the participant's daily schedule and responsibilities. We use a variety of teaching materials, all in online form, to provide comfort and variety in the learning process.

Our goal is to provide full support and motivation so that students achieve their linguistic goals and gain confidence in communicating in a foreign language.

We support you in your studies

Our team is always available to assist and answer students' questions, providing full support at every stage of language learning.

Our language courses are ideal for anyone who wants to develop their language skills and experience a dynamic, effective and customized learning process.

Online English course Individual and group

Upon completion of our online English course, you will receive a certificate that is an official confirmation of your language achievement.

Group course

With small lesson groups of 2-4 students, we provide a personalized approach, tailored to each student's language level and preferences.


Permanent teacher

The group is led by 1 teacher matched to the level.


A permanent group of people

Students matched by language proficiency level.


Fixed schedule

We set a convenient schedule for everyone.


Fluentbe Method

Classes are conducted according to an established program and in accordance with our method.

Group course

Individual course

Our flexible one-on-one instruction focuses on student achievement of specific goals and allows for flexible appointments from lesson to lesson.


Matched teacher

Individually tailored to your level and preferences.


Tailored program

Individually tailored program of activities.


Flexible formula

Free intensity and flexible schedule.


Cancellation option

Free cancellation up to 24 hours before class.

Individual course

Online English course Explore our online course offerings

We create a personalized Course Plan that takes into account each person's goals, skills and pace of learning, ensuring effective and efficient results.

Explore our online course offerings

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Whether you want to improve your language skills in everyday situations or in a professional context, our courses provide structured and interactive lessons that are tailored to your level and needs.

General English

Our General English courses offer a comprehensive study of the English language, focusing on developing all skills, such as reading, writing, speaking and listening, so that you can communicate freely in a variety of situations.

Business English

The Business English course is aimed at people who need specialized English for professional purposes, such as negotiations, presentations, report writing and conducting meetings.

We offer English courses tailored to adults as well as the youngest students.

We will choose the right target

The course for adults is tailored to their needs and goals, enabling them to communicate effectively in English. It includes a variety of topics that correspond to everyday life situations and professional contexts.

English in practice

It includes practical exercises, conversations and assignments to practice the language in authentic situations. As a result, the student quickly gains confidence in conversational English.

Science under control

The flexibility of the course is also important, allowing adults to adapt their learning to their daily schedule. In addition, the course provides participants with regular progress assessments so they can track their achievements and continue their language development.

We offer English courses tailored to adults as well as the youngest students.

We know the needs of the youngest

Together with experts from Oxford University Press, we have developed a unique educational program that perfectly supports the language development of children and young people. Our program enables children and teenagers to take a gradual and effective approach to learning English.

Studying for exams

The program also includes preparation for state and international exams, providing students with solid preparation and confidence in an exam context.

Learning support

Our priority is to provide children and young people with comprehensive English language support, enabling them to succeed in education and develop their language skills.

STUDENT SPACE Innovative learning platform

Our proprietary platform gives students access to all the tools they need to learn in Fluentbe.

Create a free account Explore Student space

Here you will find the course plan, as well as all the teaching materials. From its level you will join lessons, as well as contact your teacher. In addition, we use tools based on artificial intelligence to help in the learning process.


Course plan


In the Course Plan tab, the student can view all the lessons at the assigned level. He can prepare for the lesson by doing some short exercises, check the presentation slides, or do homework related to the lesson.

STUDENT SPACE - Course plan



In the Messages tab the student will find conversations with the teacher, saved chats from previous lessons, attached files and links. Outside of lessons, he does not lose contact with his teacher, and can write to him at any time.


My lessons


In the My Lessons tab, the student can view previous and upcoming lessons, the lesson calendar and attendance.

STUDENT SPACE - My lessons



All the time, the student also has access to tools to help him or her study like a translator, proofreader, dictionary, synonyms. This way, he doesn't have to leave the platform to check a given word, its spelling, or the correctness of a sentence.


Online English course Certificates of completion of courses

Upon completion of our online English course, you will receive a certificate that is an official confirmation of your language achievement.

Confirm your skills

A course completion certificate is proof of your acquired skills and progress in English language learning. It will allow you to confirm your language competence in various contexts, such as job applications, further education or job interviews.

New development options

Be assured that upon completion of our course, you will receive a certificate that certifies your language skills and can open up new opportunities for you both professionally and personally.

Online English course Online English course at different levels

Upon completion of our online English course, you will receive a certificate that is an official confirmation of your language achievement.

Online English course at different levels

We offer you a free check of your language level. With written and oral tests, we can accurately assess your skills and offer you a perfectly matched course and teacher. The tests will allow us to accurately determine your language level, which will enable us to select a course and teacher suitable for you.

Test-based matching for effective learning

Our tests will allow us to accurately determine your language level, which will enable us to select a course and teacher suitable for you. This will make learning as effective and natural as possible.


16 levels of language proficiency - we teach at every one!

Online English course Teachers - the driving force behind Fluentbe

Our teachers are a key component of our school, providing the highest level of learning and allowing students to make the most of their time in class.

Meet the teachers

Adaptation and diversity in English language learning

With online classes, we have access to more than 500 outstanding teachers, including both Polish teachers and native speakers from different parts of the world.

This gives us a tremendous opportunity to match the teacher to the student's individual preferences, in terms of background, accent, level experience and specialization in the industry language.

Experts in their field

Fluentbe teachers are professionals in teaching English, with a degree in English philology, linguistics or pedagogy.

In the case of native speakers, we also require specialized education or completion of relevant training, such as CELTA, DELTA, TEFL certifications, which confirm their qualifications to teach English as a foreign language.

Knowledge and motivation in every lesson

We work with teachers who are not only knowledgeable and experienced, but also have charisma and the ability to get students interested in the subject. Each lesson is full of inspiration and motivation.

Teachers conduct meetings in a way that encourages each student to actively participate in the conversation and get the most out of the class.

Online English course Fluentbe Method

Learn about our proprietary Fluentbe learning method that will allow you to jump to the next level of learning.

Realistic results

We have created an effective method that, after one semester (lasting about 4 months), enables you to jump at least one level higher and boosts your confidence in the language. Through consistent use of our method, our students experience real results, gaining greater fluency and confidence in using English.

Communication at the forefront

We believe that true mastery of English comes through actively using it in communication. That's why our classes focus on building confidence in speaking. We teach our students to express their thoughts and ideas effectively, putting them in a variety of communication situations.

Learning without rigid rules

Instead of focusing on aimless memorization of rules, we strive to have our students actively use the language in practice. Our classes focus on developing communication skills through a variety of interactions and tasks that encourage active use of the language in authentic situations.

Practical exercise of vocabulary and grammar

We focus on practical practice of vocabulary and grammar through a variety of tasks, language games and dialogues. We teach our students English in a natural and intuitive way, giving them the opportunity to directly apply new language structures in authentic contexts.

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Online English course Why opt for an online English course?

Saving time and money, a relaxed pace of learning and convenient access to materials make learning English effective and tailored to your needs.

Flexible online courses: learning without limits


Our courses are available to anyone with an internet connection. You can study from anywhere and at any time because we offer lessons 24/7! This gives you complete flexibility and allows you to tailor your learning to your individual needs.

Whether you prefer to study in the morning, afternoon or even late at night, we always have lessons available for you. This means you can study when you have the most time and are in the most suitable mood for you.

Flexible online courses: learning without limits

Online English course: freedom, economy, efficiency


Thanks to the possibility of online learning, we do not have to leave our home, which translates into saving time and money. In addition, we can individually adjust the pace of learning to our needs and preferences, which promotes better learning. Such flexibility allows us to focus on learning at a time that is convenient for us and creates optimal conditions for effective language development.

Online English course: freedom, economy, efficiency

Seamless access to materials


Our students can easily join classes with a single click. In one place, on our platform, they have access to all class materials, interactive exercises, and useful tools such as a translator and dictionary. This means that everything they need for effective learning is at their fingertips. This gives them convenient and integrated access to all the necessary resources to facilitate their English learning process.

Seamless access to materials

Monitoring the progress of learning


Our platform provides tools to track your learning progress, giving you the ability to fully control and monitor your own performance. With these tools, you can regularly assess your language development, track your learning progress and identify areas that require additional commitment. This gives you full control over your learning process and allows you to adjust your strategies and learning plans to achieve the best results.

Monitoring the progress of learning
Online English course - Flexible online courses: learning without limits Online English course - Online English course: freedom, economy, efficiency Online English course - Seamless access to materials Online English course - Monitoring the progress of learning

Online English course What makes English at Fluentbe unique?

The best teachers and native speakers from around the world

Our team is an exceptional group of world-class teachers who are experts in teaching English. Their high level of qualification and experience guarantee that you will receive the highest quality of teaching. With their professionalism and passion for education, you'll be assured that your English learning will be taught by the best professionals in the industry. Join our community and reap the benefits of learning with our world-class teaching staff.

Proprietary online learning platform

As part of our English for Business course, we provide comprehensive study materials that include lesson preparation, course management, class presentations and homework. All of this is available in one place, online. Our students have full access to these materials, as well as to the classes themselves. As a result, all you need to do to take a class is to have a device (laptop, tablet) and access to the Internet. That's all it takes to take advantage of our course!

Improving language proficiency

Our innovative learning method guarantees that you will overcome the language barrier and achieve the freedom to speak English. Our dynamic and interactive classes focus on the practical use of the language, allowing you to immediately apply the knowledge you've gained in practice. Our learning program is designed to continually challenge you and provide materials at your level to enable you to improve your language skills smoothly and systematically. As a result, you will gradually gain more confidence and freedom to use English in a variety of situations.

Learning from anywhere

You don't have to waste valuable time commuting because our language school operates fully online. This means you can learn from anywhere, no matter where you are. Whether you're at home, in the office or traveling, you can easily connect to our learning platform and attend classes. This gives you the flexibility and freedom to plan your learning and can fit it into your schedule. You can study at any time, tailoring your learning to your preferences and needs. Our full online availability gives you the convenience and freedom to learn English.

Join our satisfied students

We are proud to make a positive impact on your lives.

Frequently asked questions

At Fluentbe, we make sure you have a wide choice of courses and the ability to tailor your learning to your needs and goals. Our flexible offerings will provide you with the optimal learning environment, regardless of your age, language level and professional requirements. You can opt for a one-on-one course, where the teacher will give all the attention only to you, or for a group course that allows you to interact and learn in a small group.

We offer both General English courses, which aim to develop your language skills in general, and Business English courses, which focus on the specialized language needed in a business environment. Whether you are an adult or a child, we have the right course for you. Our adult courses are tailored for adults who want to improve their language skills in a variety of contexts. Our children's courses, on the other hand, are designed in a fun and engaging way so that children can develop their language skills in a friendly environment.

Additionally, we offer a range of specialized courses that are tailored to different industries and professions. If you need specialized English in your field, we can provide you with a course that will help you gain the necessary language skills for your profession.

When selecting the right English course for a client, we conduct an interview to better understand the client's needs and expectations. This interview helps us understand what language goals he wants to achieve and his preferences for learning style. In addition, we offer the client a leveling test to assess his current level of language proficiency. This way, we can determine exactly what stage of learning the client is at and tailor the course to his individual needs. The combination of these two tools - the interview and the leveling test - allows us to provide the client with a language course that is ideally suited to their skills and goals. Our qualified tutors are able to deliver personalized learning that maximizes the client's progress and ensures satisfaction with the English language learning process.

The English course at Fluentbe is based on modern and effective language teaching methods. One of the main features of our courses is a personalized learning plan. We select a learning plan tailored to your level, goals and preferences. We take your needs into account and develop a learning strategy that will ensure your rapid progress. Qualified lecturers are another important feature: Our lecturers are experienced and qualified teachers who provide quality instruction. They are prepared to support you, motivate you and improve your language skills.

Additionally, we offer courses on a modern, interactive platform. Our lessons are held in the form of interactive online meetings, which allow active participation and direct contact with the teacher. With a variety of materials and exercises, you learn the language in a dynamic and engaging way. The last important feature is flexibility and convenience. We offer flexible class times that can be adjusted to your schedule. You can study from anywhere using our online platform, which gives you the freedom and convenience to plan your study.

Enroll in an online course and start speaking English Learn English from world-class teachers. Take up the challenge!

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