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English for adults With us you will achieve your language goal

Textbooks and self-study don't give you the results you dream of? Choose Fluentbe and start speaking fluent English.

An effective method
We teach with our proprietary method, so that over one semester of regular study (about 4 months) you have the opportunity to jump at least one level higher and increase your linguistic confidence.
Comfortable learning
You can study from anywhere, without additional materials. Everything you need can be found on our learning platform - Student Space. From the platform you will join lessons, manage your course, you can use learning tools and materials.

English for adults What does learning with Fluentbe look like?

Find out how simple and effective learning English can be
  • Live classes with a teacher using an interactive platform.
  • Certified, experienced teachers from around the world.
  • Courses 100% online, from anywhere.
  • Learning at any level.
  • Certificate confirming the student's skills.

English for adults A course tailored to you

You no longer need to change your plans for English lessons. Schedule lessons and language objectives tailored to your preferences.

Flexible schedule

We will adapt even to very demanding lifestyles, people who work actively, or parents.

We teach 24/7

Work and class schedules do not allow you to attend lessons at standard times? We will find a lesson date suitable for you!

Choose a lesson date

Schedule and cancel lessons according to your schedule - all from the platform.

Monitor progress

In Student Space you will check how your attendance is and how many lessons from the Course Plan you have already completed.

English for adults Explore online English courses at Fluentbe

What is your language goal? Choose a course to suit your preferences.

Choose a personalized course - tailor-made for the student. The teacher, as well as the course schedule, are carefully tailored to your level and preferences, providing a personalized approach to language learning. Class dates are flexible.

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Learn English in small, max. 4-person groups of a given level of language proficiency. The group is led by one qualified teacher, according to a properly adjusted course plan. Classes are held at fixed times, tailored to the needs of the student.

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Our offer includes comprehensive English language training, developing all key skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening. As a result, you will be able to communicate freely in a variety of situations.

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This course is dedicated to people who need advanced English in professional contexts such as negotiations, presentations, report writing and conducting meetings.

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Would you like to master English in a specific area? Choose from our specialized courses to expand your vocabulary and gain confidence in conversations on your chosen topics.

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English for adults An innovative and effective method of learning

Learning at Fluentbe not only accelerates progress, but also brings satisfaction and joy through inspiring online meetings.

Fluentbe Method

Learning English according to the Fluentbe approach is based on full immersion, or total immersion in the language. As a result, new language skills are acquired quickly through interactions that resemble natural situations. The Fluentbe method combines the best aspects of language learning in traditional schools with modern technology. You can meet your teacher live, whether you are at home, work or anywhere with internet access.

A modern approach to learning

At Fluentbe we focus on learning to communicate, we don't barrage you with rules. In our classes, we focus on developing the ability to communicate effectively in a variety of situations. Our method is based on gradual and methodical expansion of vocabulary and practice of rules in practice. New words and grammatical structures are introduced in the context of expressing opinions, conveying information and acquiring knowledge. Lessons are conducted in an engaging manner, with the teacher moderating discussions, ensuring equal participation of participants and introducing new expressions.

Student Space Student Space - Your learning center

With our innovative learning platform, you can learn from anywhere.

Materials at your fingertips
Materials at your fingertips
Forget about books and printing materials. You will find everything you need to learn in Student Space: lessons in the form of interactive presentations, or consolidation exercises.
Help from teachers and AI
Help from teachers and AI
Fluentbe is where experienced teachers are assisted by artificial intelligence-based tools. Dictionary, translator, proofreader, synonyms - you don't have to leave the platform to use them.
One-stop control
One-stop control
Manage your lessons, control attendance, schedule and cancel classes with one click. All these activities are made possible for you by the learning platform.

English for adults Teaching adults is our specialty

The lessons as well as the curriculum have been created by an exceptional, experienced methodological team to make learning fun and effective.


Educational program of the course

Our curriculum is carefully designed in accordance with the international CEFR standard, which describes levels of language skills. In addition, we are based on the principles of andragogy, which means that classes relate to the experiences and knowledge of adult learners and are practical.


Precisely planned lessons

Each lesson includes new structures, vocabulary and language functions. Lesson topics are topical and engage adults in conversation. Our exercises are brain-friendly to help you remember and understand new material.


Optimal class dynamics

Tasks during lessons put students at the center of interaction with both the teacher and each other. We aim to maximize the time spent on conversation and conversation. Some of the tasks are also interactive exercises done in concentration, so that students don't have to wait for their turn, but instead can complete all the examples in an exercise.

English for adults Specialists in teaching

Fluentbe teachers, our most valuable asset, guarantee the highest standard of education.

Best teachers

Our lessons are held online, which opens us up to a pool of more than 500 excellent teachers, including both Polish teachers and native speakers from different parts of the world. Thanks to this diversity, we can individually select a teacher according to each student's preferences, taking into account background, accent, experience in teaching at the appropriate level and industry expertise.


Our Fluentbe teachers are qualified English teachers who have degrees in English philology, linguistics or pedagogy. In the case of native speakers, additional qualifications in teaching English as a foreign language, such as CELTA, DELTA or TEFL certificates, are required.

Provide knowledge and motivation

We work only with teachers who show charisma and the ability to interest students in a given topic. Each lesson is a source of new knowledge and inspiration. Our teachers conduct meetings in such a way that each student actively participates in the discussion and gets the maximum out of the class.
Specialists in teaching

English for adults English language - what will you use it for?

The lessons as well as the curriculum have been created by an exceptional, experienced methodological team to make learning fun and effective.

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International communication

English is a global language that allows you to communicate effectively and make friends with people from different countries and cultures.


Many employers require English proficiency, especially in companies that operate internationally. This can affect your chances of promotion and increase your accessibility to better job opportunities.


Knowledge of English facilitates access to scientific literature, educational materials and the opportunity to study abroad.


English makes it easier to move around the world, to better understand and learn about different cultures, which can contribute to tolerance and open-mindedness.

Media and culture

A lot of content, such as movies, music, books and websites, is available in English. This allows for first-hand knowledge and entertainment.

Personal development

Learning a new language can stimulate the mind, develop cognitive skills and contribute to greater self-confidence.

English for adults Why Fluentbe?

The right target

The right target

Our adult course is designed to meet your individual needs and goals, enabling you to communicate effectively in English. It offers a variety of topics that reflect everyday life and work situations.

Development through practice

Development through practice

We place great emphasis on practical exercises, conversations and assignments that allow you to practice the language in authentic situations. As a result, you quickly gain confidence in conversations in English.

Learning under your control

Learning under your control

We fit the course into your daily schedule so that you can study at your convenience. In addition, we regularly evaluate your progress so you can track your achievements and continue your language development.


Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Yes, Fluentbe specializes in English courses for adults. You can study anywhere you want, without the need for additional materials. Everything you need can be found on our learning platform, called "Student Space." With this platform, you can easily join lessons, manage your course, and use a variety of learning tools and materials to facilitate your learning.

With our proprietary learning method, after just one semester of regular classes (that's about 4 months), you have the opportunity to advance at least one level higher in English. This will allow you to become more confident in your use of the language.

Yes, English for adults can be extremely effective, as long as we use a properly adapted learning method. In our approach to teaching English to adults, we place special emphasis on ensuring efficiency and student satisfaction. Here are some of the key elements that make our courses effective:Tailored Learning Method: Our methodology team has worked to develop a course curriculum and lessons that are carefully tailored to the needs of adult learners. We understand that adults learn differently than children, so our method takes into account the specific needs and expectations of adults.Principles of Andragogy:Our approach to teaching is based on the principles of andragogy, or adult learning. Classes take into account the students' experience, their knowledge of the world and the purpose of learning, which makes the process more engaging and effective.

Optimal Lesson Time: Care is taken to ensure adequate lesson time to maintain concentration and learning efficiency. Classes are scheduled so that students do not feel overtired, but also have enough time to work effectively on the material.Class Frequency: The regularity of classes is crucial for effective learning. Our courses are scheduled to allow you to attend regular classes, which helps you consolidate your knowledge and skills.Qualified Teachers: Our staff of teachers are experienced and qualified teachers who are ready to adapt the teaching method to the needs of each student. This ensures high quality learning and support of individual goals.Our approach to teaching English for adults takes all these elements into account to ensure optimal and effective learning, which allows you to achieve the desired results in a fast and sustainable way.

At Fluentbe, we use modern and effective language teaching methods.Personalized Learning Plan: Our priority is to tailor a learning plan to your individual level, goals and preferences. We meticulously analyze your needs and create a learning strategy designed specifically for you, guaranteeing rapid progress.

Qualified Teachers: Our teachers are experienced and qualified teachers who ensure high quality teaching. They are ready not only to impart knowledge, but also to motivate and help you improve your language skills.Interactive Platform: Our lessons are held online in the form of interactive meetings, which allows active participation and direct contact with the teacher. With a variety of materials and exercises, learning becomes dynamic and engaging.Flexibility and Convenience: We offer flexible class times that can be adjusted to fit your schedule. In addition, you can study from anywhere using our online platform. This gives you complete freedom and convenience in scheduling your study.With Fluentbe, learning English becomes customized, interactive and convenient, allowing you to make rapid progress in your language learning.

Enroll in an online course and start speaking English Learn English from world-class teachers. Take up the challenge!

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